Reports TRANSITION Network Adaptation for Trial Deployment

Publication Date:

31st July 2020



TRANSITION Network Adaptation for Trial Deployment

The purpose of this report is to provide an update of how TRANSITION is preparing for the trial deployment phase of the project. SSEN owns and manages the electrical distribution network for a large part of Oxfordshire where trials will be conducted. Specifically, the report details:

  • The site selection process undertaken to identify parts of the network suitable for service trials.
  • The LV monitoring which will be installed for the project, the equipment specification, secondary substation identification, installation training and installation plan.
  • HV monitoring equipment which will be installed as part of the project, the equipment specification and purpose.
  • The connectivity model being developed by SSEN and the inter-project co-ordination with TRANSITION.
  • The Common interface model (CIM) module for Sincal (power system analysis tool) Page 5 Network Readiness Report
  • The simulated trials being undertaken by Electricity North West Ltd (ENWL) in conjunction with TRANSITION.