Market Development

In November 2021, we started our Flexibility Market Trials, where energy is used to temporarily support the local electricity network. These trials focused on enabling the trade and export of capacities, allowing people with spare capacity to temporarily trade this with “network neighbours”.

Our trials focussed on 6 areas centred around Bulk Supply Points in Oxfordshire: Yarnton, Bicester North, Headington, Oxford, Cowley and Drayton.

Flexibility services are a range of existing and developing solutions used to help securely manage the electricity network. They also provide opportunities to maximise the use of local renewable energy sources.

Our TRANSITION market trials have been testing those services; each building on the learning from the last; improving market accessibility for customers and communities, increasing market liquidity and trailing flexibility services and dispatch of DERs.

28th March 2023

DSO Functions Workshop Report

As part of this project SSEN delivered a workshop to engage stakeholders …
23rd March 2021

TRANSITION Service Conflict Resolution Workshop …

This report summarises the development and delivery of the Service …
28th March 2023

Commercial Findings Workshop Report

This paper summarises the key outputs of two workshops held by Baringa …

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