NMF Tool

We have been designing the requirements and roles of a Neutral Market Facilitator as part of TRANSITION.

A transparent, neutral market for flexibility services will allow GB to fully utilise flexibility whilst realising the physical, locational, and economic constraints of the networks on which these services will be transacted.

What do we mean by a Neutral Market Facilitator (NMF)?

A Neutral Market Facilitator (NMF) is an IT platform that will in many cases automate the processes required around the procuring of flexibility services and will be connected to several other systems such as Forecasting and Power System Analysis tools.

The NMF being used for the TRANSITION flexibility market trials has been developed to be transparent and non-discriminatory and has a key role in establishing markets and the ability to improve coordination across different markets. 

31st May 2019

Neutral Market Facilitator Requirements Specification …

This document defines the requirements for a trial of a NMF system. It …
31st May 2019

Neutral Market Facilitator Data Exchange and …

This document describes aspects of governance of the data stored …

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