Reports Simulated Trials Summary Report

Publication Date:

24th July 2023





Simulated Trials Summary Report

This report summarises work done by TNEI Services Ltd (TNEI) to undertake a series of simulated flexibility trials for the TRANSITION innovation project, which is being delivered by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) with support from Electricity North West Ltd (ENWL).

TNEI has supported ENWL and SSEN in designing, conducting, and analysing simulated trials of flexibility services. The simulation approach developed by TNEI and summarised in this report has been to synthetically generate sets of data, as though they were genuine observations and predictions being collected or estimated in real-time. These are then provided as inputs to tools which approximate the decisions a DNO will have to make about flexibility. In response, the tools will issue outputs – comprising of procurement and/or dispatch decisions – for different flexibility services.