Reports Power System Analysis Final Report

Publication Date:

25th July 2023


Andrew Maurice



Power System Analysis Final Report

This document is the final report on the Power Systems Analysis (PSA) software that was implemented and used for the TRANSITION Technical trials.

If required, more detailed information can be found in the Reference Documents.

The purpose of this document is five-fold:

1.    Executive summary – Provide a high-level management overview including key findings and recommendations

2.    Provide an overview of the aims of the software, the key functional processes, and the design and operational constraints on the system

3.    Provide a high-level overview of the key functionality of the software and the interfaces to other systems used during the trials

4.    Provide a high-level overview of the results and analysis of the outputs

5.    Provide details of the observations and learnings during the design, development, testing, and trials and the recommendations for any future BAU PSA system