Reports Platform Acceptance Testing

Publication Date:

25th June 2021



Platform Acceptance Testing

This report, produced in collaboration between SSEN and Opus One, has detailed the structure approach required to specify and conduct the Platform Acceptance Testing, of both the Neutral Market Facilitator and Whole System Co-ordinator.

The key areas presented within the report were: The ‘Interface Specification’, which compromised of the Interface Catalogue and the Domain Model.

The Interface Catalogue detailed what interfaces are present between the various components of the platforms and external industry actors.

Additionally, as part of the ‘Interface Specification’, the domain model identifies which system within the platform is responsible for certain objects and the underlying properties of these objects. In addition, the ‘Configuration Specification’ highlighted the relevant configurable parameters used in the business logic of the Opus One platforms. Finally, the ‘Platform Acceptance Testing Evidence’ summarises both the test strategy (approach and methods utilised) and pertinent test evidence for platform acceptance