News Flexibility Services and Trial Periods

Flexibility Services and Trial Periods

Note: As part of the recruitment process for trail participants; TRANSITION developed extensive resources, explaining key concepts of flexibility markets to a wide ranging audience. Our plain English explanations are a great resource for those interested in replicating our trials.

‘Flexibility services’ are a range of existing and developing solutions used to help securely and efficiently manage the electricity network. They also provide opportunities to maximise the use of local renewable energy sources.

You can get more information on each of the flexibility services listed below by visiting our partner LEO website.

Our TRANSITION market trials are testing those services listed in the table below. Five of these services are provided to network/systems operators and two are Peer to Peer services between two or more producers/prosumers/consumers.

Our trials will be split into three different ‘trial periods’ called TP 1, 2 & 3. They each run for around 17-20 weeks.

  • TP1 starts in October 2021 and runs until February 2022
    (note that organisations outside of the Project LEO can participate from Jan 2022) 
  • TP2 starts in May 2022 and runs until September 2022
  • TP3 starts in November 2022 and runs until February 2023

We aim to have trialled all the services listed below by February 2023 but not all services will be tested in each trial phase. We have listed the services we are testing and which trial period they will be tested in below.

Our partner LEO website has descriptions of each of these services which you can read here

The STOR services is provide to the Energy Systems Operator and you can find out more about this on their website by clicking here.

Note: these services and the Trial Phase (TP)  they will be tested in may be subject to change throughout the duration of the project.