Reports Real-time Forecast Optimisation Report

Publication Date:

26th April 2023


John Brown
Melanie White



Real-time Forecast Optimisation Report

The purpose of this document is to provide a comprehensive and detailed summary of Sia Partners’ phase 2 evolution of the original Load Forecasting solution implemented in the TRANSITION Programme.

It aims to:

  • provide a greater understanding of the setup of real-time and automated data pipelines from other sources and of the optimisation forecast methodology used to adapt to them.
  • provide clarity around the improvements the forecast optimisation has brought to the flexibility requirements and how they can be further applied – and shed light on the various types of implementation challenges encountered during this new development phase.
  • It will also provide focus on a number of studies aiming to inform on the broader contextual value of forecasts, a future upscaling strategy and potential application of TRANSITION’s results (which naturally focused on a small locational footprint), to a much wider regional basis potentially including entire DNO license area in future.