Reports TRANSITION and Project LEO Market Trials Report – Period 2 (Ofgem)

Publication Date:

30th November 2022



TRANSITION and Project LEO Market Trials Report – Period 2 (Ofgem)

This report focuses on TP2 (Trial Period 2), building on the learnings from TP13 and informing the future scope of TP3 (the final trial period of the project). TP1 focused on mobilising the technology, markets and recruiting market participants. Through TP2, the focus has been increasing market participants’ involvement (both traditional and non-traditional DERs (Distributed Energy Resources) and organisations) and gaining feedback on the variety of products and services available, including:

  • Greater diversity of DSO-Procured services – four DSO-Procured services compared to two during TP1.
  • Increased geographical coverage of the Trials – six Bulk Supply Points compared to three in TP1.
  • Diversity of participating DER types – six DER types compared to two in TP1.
  • Range of procurement horizons for services – three auction horizons (season-ahead, weekahead and day-ahead) compared to one (week-ahead) in TP1. The learnings from the trials will continue to inform the development of the networks’ DSO functions as the start of the ED2 period approaches.