Site Selection

TRANSITION Work Package 6 (WP6)
Progress So Far

SSEN have two distribution licence areas, one in Northern Scotland known as Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution (SHEPD) and one in central Southern England known as Southern Electric Power Distribution (SEPD). Each licence area is broken into several regions:

    – North Caledonia
    – South Caledonia
    – Highlands and Islands
  • SEPD
    – Ridgeway
    – Wessex
    – Thames Valley
    – South East

Site Selection Methodology
All counties within these license areas were evaluated against 13 criterion, as seen from the TRANSITION Site Selection Methodology report, to determine the most suitable county for the TRANSITION trials. From comparing factors such as network type replicability, synergy projects and the interconnection with the transmission system, the county of Oxfordshire was selected.

First Stage of Site Selection
Oxfordshire lies within SSEN’s Ridgeway and Thames Valley regions, where there is circa 60 primary substations that supply the county’s network. In conjunction with our partners on the Local Energy Oxfordshire project each substation is being evaluated to determine the most appropriate areas within the county to trial flexibility. Further work is required to produce a shortlist of sites.