Our approach

TRANSITION will design, develop, demonstrate and assess the common tools, data and system architecture required to implement the proposed models produced by the Open Networks Workstream 3 project. This will include:

  • Develop roles and responsibilities for MPs, and market rules to allow MPs to transact services;
  • Clarify the requirements and implement a NMF platform for trials;
  • Engage and consult with stakeholders;
  • Identify up to three network learnings from the above; and
  • Provide direct validation and incremental development of the Open Networks market models.

Why Oxfordshire?

Oxfordshire has been selected due to its replicability and high customer appetite for a smart grid architecture.

Changes to the SSEN business model, our processes and systems must be suitable for all geographical locations and customer groups within our current licences.

Customer groups of all different types and sizes seeking to move sustainable energy models within Oxfordshire. Keen to connect more renewable generation, energy storage, heat networks, electric vehicles and trade energy peer to peer.

  • Existing congestion enables the trial to focus on real barriers to connection.
  • Project numbers would make the market buoyant and ensure it stands up to academic rigour.
  • Diversity of customer group is high, allowing the projects to test many aspects of a smart grid.
  • Network asset base and arrangement is varied, but replicable across SSEN licences and GB.
  • Other energy vectors (e.g. heat) are being developed, enabling us to to include and lead industry fora.
  • High level of investment in energy and co-ordination through the Ox Local Enterprise Partnership

For more information please see the Site Selection section.