Qualifying to take part

Anyone who owns or manages an asset that can turn its demand and/or generation up or down when requested, and that has at least half-hourly monitoring, can potentially participate in a flexibility market. The monitoring will be required to prove that your asset has delivered the energy, or reduced the demand, that was requested.

You must have an asset or combined assets totalling 50kW or more in order to participate in the market. We are looking at how smaller assets can be enabled to take part but, in the meantime, this would be through aggregation.

  • If you own an electric vehicle or a charging point you may like to get in touch with Nuvve – they may be able to help you to take part in the trials.
  • Our project partners EDF are also developing their PowerShift platform and plan to open this up to customers with smaller assets in future who can alter their demand patterns away from peaks in the network.
  • No matter the size of your asset(s), participating through an aggregator may remove some of the market complexities for you and open up opportunities to participate in other energy markets too.

Things like automation of control (that enable you to turn something on or off remotely) may help you participate in flexibility events, but this is not necessarily required for you to participate.

All asset owners/managers will be asked to complete a company pre-qualifier. This will include some basic questions around your company.

We are running our trials in specific Bulk Supply Point (BSP) substation areas and will need the address and postcode of your asset to check it is connected at the right point in the network.

Please check our information here to see if you fall into one of our trial areas.

Once your company and its assets have been pre-qualified you will be asked to sign a Framework Agreement which will allow you to take part in the flexibility market auctions.

If you are interested in taking part please complete our Expression of Interest form.

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