Participation – Qualification and Contracts

We have made the qualification and contractual process as simple as possible and it is explained in the diagram at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about this process please email us at  

How long should it take for the process to be completed so I can enter a market?
Assuming you meet the deadlines set out in the diagram below, the qualification and contractual processes will take approx. 2 months. This is assuming there are no unanticipated delays due to, for example, incomplete or incorrect documents being submitted.

What forms do I need to complete?
There are four key documents that need to be completed for you to be able to qualify and take part in the trials, which are;

  1. Tender: TRANSITION Invitation To Tender For Company Qualification
  2. Assets: TRANSITION Asset Qualification Form
  3. Contract: TRANSITION Flexibility Services Agreement (30July2021) (for information and not completion).
  4. Settlement: BACs set up forms A&B

What do I need to do before completing the documents?
Please could you ensure that you complete our online expression of interest form before you complete any of the forms listed above, so we have some basic details of you, your business and assets.

The Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Qualification Form will ask you if you wish to apply for one of the two Market Stimulation Packages so please make sure you take a look at these before completing this form.

You must check your asset(s) is/are in one of our trial areas as this must be the case for you to be able to take part.

There is guidance provided for completing the documents which you can download here.

If you have any questions, before starting to complete the forms then email us at

What order do I complete the forms/documents in? Can I send them all to you in one go?
Initially please focus just on the first two forms on the above list, which can be downloaded either below or by clicking on their names above.

The first form you will need to send us is the Invitation to tender for customer qualification form.

Only once we notify you that your Invitation to tender for customer qualification has been successful should you then send us the TRANSITION Asset Qualification FormPlease refer to the diagram below which explains which documents we need and by when (or download as a PDF).

We will send you the remaining two documents to complete by email.

Where do I send my documents to?
Please email your documents to .

The one exception is the BACs form A which will go to – we will remind you to do this when we email you the form.

Process deadlines and timescales

The flow diagram below, which can also be downloaded as a PDF explains the process from start to finish.
TIP: You can zoom in on the image below by holding down your Ctrl key and using your mouse wheel to zoom in.

You can also download this diagram as a PDF.

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