Our trial areas

We are running our trials in 6 areas centred around the following Bulk Supply Points (BSPs) which are a type of substation. These are:

Yarnton, Bicester North, Headington, Oxford, Cowley and Drayton

To find out whether your asset is in one of these BSPs click on the button below. This will then indicate which BSP your asset is connected to.

Check your asset’s location


We will need to double check your asset connection(s) following receipt of your pre-qualification information as those assets on the boundary of a BSP area may be connected to a neighbouring BSP. To get confirmation that your asset is in one of the trial areas please complete the Expression of Interest form or email us at giving the exact location of your asset(s) and we will get back to you with confirmation.

If you have multiple assets and would like us to check which of these are in the trial area, please ask us to check these for you. You can email us at .

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