SSEN DSO strategy

What does DSO mean for customers?

Our Priorities and Principles

As SSEN transition to a smarter electricity system it is essential that we continue to meet our customers existing requirements whilst adapting to their new expectations. We have developed a set of five clear transition principles based around our three priorities: customers, costs and collaboration.


Principle 1: A DSO must work for all customers. We want greater choice and opportunity for customers, whilst ensuring the service we provide remains reliable, efficient and resilient, particularly for vulnerable customers.

Principle 2: Learning by doing will give the best outcomes for customers. SSEN has a wide portfolio of innovation projects that test the credentials of new technologies and solutions with respect tode-carbonisation, resilience and affordability. The best outcomes for customers will be realised through listening to their needs, practical evaluation and scaling up success.


Principle 3: Our transition to DSO must be coordinated and cost efficient. We will use our experience to focus on ensuring that the total costs charged to our customers are fair and proportionate to the benefits, all the while listening to their short and long-term needs.

With regards to access for services, the standardisation of procurement and service arrangements will make it simpler to participate, and will ensure that the interests of GBconsumers are protected.


We think a cost-effective system that meets customer needs is best achieved by collaborating with other network operators, as is happening through the Energy Networks Association (ENA), and working with all stakeholders to ensure flexibility. Indeed, this is a pre-requisite if we are to achieve an efficient whole system outcome.

Principle 4: Neutral facilitation is paramount. As a DSO we will embed flexibility to improve the operation of our network. We will facilitate local and national markets by identifying and providing the visibility necessary to allow markets to function and trade energy throughout our network. This responsibility hinges on enabling neutrality,meaning a DSO must provide a level playing fieldfor technologies and solutions to engage.

Principle 5: A DSO should unlock local solutions. Our aim is to remove any barriers and empower local solutions in a way that benefits the whole system to reduce losses, improve network utilisation, decarbonise and provide economic stimulus. We will work with other actors in flexibility markets to allow this aspiration to become a reality.