What is it?

The ENA definition of a DSO states that:

“A Distribution System Operator securely operates and develops an active distribution system comprising networks, demand, generation and other flexible distributed energy resources (DER).

As a neutral facilitator of an open and accessible market it will enable competitive access to markets and optimal use of DER on distribution networks to deliver security, sustainability and affordability in the support of whole system optimisation.

A DSO enables customer to be both producers and consumers; enabling customer access to networks and markets customer choice and great customer service.”

What are the drivers for this change?

Change is inevitable in the energy industry but the evolving technology mix, emerging business models and rate of customer adoption remain unpredictable. It is SSEN’s responsibility to be prepared for all plausible scenarios to enable technologies to compete on a level playing field and for government policy to be developed and evolved. BEIS and Ofgem have set a clear direction in their recent Smart Systems Plan2 that prioritises a customer-led energy system in which network users who operate Distributed Energy Resources (DER) can trade local energy and flexibility with ease. SSEN recognises the potential customer benefits that can be realised by moving to this smart energy system and it is now up to us and our industry peers to work together to achieve this.

You can find out more about SSEN’s approach to Distributed System Operation